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Vacuum packer of HENKELMAN Jumbo 30
In stock
42426.50 UAH
nbsp;Vacuum packer of HENKELMAN Jumbo 30.exidacomua
Group: Wrappers vacuum
Zapayshchik pulse desktop PFS-400C (400 mm with the knife)
In stock
2464 UAH
Zapayshchik pulse desktop PFS-400C (400 mm with the knife). This zapayshchik in addition to the main function of the svarivaniye of packages has still function of cutting which is performed by means of the built-in lateral knife for cutting of excess material. Zapayshchik pulse desktop PFS-400C...
Group: Impulse sealing machine
Portable handheld transceiver of Hytera TC-700
In stock
7410 UAH
The portable handheld transceiver of Hytera TC-700 is ideally suited for professionals of the high level who want powerful tools of communication. The TC-700 series is equipped with advanced technologies and HYT innovations, even in very noisy situation with Hytera TC-700 handheld transceiver you...
Group: Portable radios
DoCash 3000 SD banknote counter
In stock
7500 UAH
The DoCash 3000 SD banknote counter – the highly reliable and at the same time simple device in management which thanks to the high quality, functionality, speed of work well proved among the devices used at the enterprises with a small and average cash turnover namely in large shopping centers,...
Group: Counter of bank notes
Arsenal 10x50 Porro field-glass, Water-proof (BW18-1050)
In stock
4060 UAH
Arsenal 10x50 Porro field-glass, Water-proof (BW18-1050) exidacomua   
Group: Binoculars
Lawn-mower petrol MTD 42
In stock
6935.14 UAH
We offer you: A lawn-mower petrol MTD 42 with an option mulchirovaniya.exidacomuaOur qualified specialists professionally render consultations on selection and work of packing equipment, garden equipment, cultivators, warehouse equipment. On all goods realized in Eksida shop the guarantee from 2...
Group: Lawn-mowers
About enterprise

Eksida, Ltd

We deliver - packing materials, the packing equipment, warehouse equipment, handheld transceivers, automobile electronics.
The guarantee is provided on all equipment.
Areas of work:
Vacuum packing:
- packages vacuum transparent from 60 to 170 microns (PA/PE, Germany)
- packages vacuum euro-suspension
- packages vacuum metallized
- packages vacuum in a section
- packages vacuum with a bottom
- packages vacuum with a logo
- packages are thermoshrinkable
- films are vacuum thermoforming
(production of packages of any required sizes)
- the substrate is polystyrene, cardboard (gold/silver)
- vacuum packers single-chamber, two-chamber (desktop/mobile), tubeless, household
- vacuum thermoforming lines
Adhesive tape tape packing:
- the adhesive tape is transparent, brown 48*66, 48*100, 48*200, 48*300, 72*66, 72*132
- adhesive tape color: black, white, red, blue, green, yellow, orange
- an adhesive tape with LOGOTIPOM
- adhesive tape AKTION, adhesive tape Fragile, adhesive tape Carefully glass
- an adhesive tape with manifestation of inscription VSKRYTO, sealing
- the adhesive tape reinforced
- the adhesive tape is bilateral: penoakrilovy, made foam, polypropylene, paper, fabric
- the adhesive tape is painting
- adhesive tape dispensers
Packages are packing:
- packages of a string (Zip-Lock)
- packages doy-pak
- packing for weighed out coffee / tea
- packages grills
- safe packages (express packages)
- plastic bags (PVD/PND)
- inserts from food PE
- bags are thermoshrinkable polyethylene
Films and the accompanying equipment:
- film thermoshrinkable PVH, POF, PE
- PVH film stretch food
- hot table (BX-450, NW-460)
- cold table obrezchik
- stretch-film 12, 17, 20, 23 microns manual/machine, transparent/black
Binding tapes - a strepping packing:
- the tape is polypropylene, PET, sanderbend: 5, 6, 9, 12, 15, 16, 19 mm
- brackets are metal/wire packing
- protective corner: plasticity/cardboard
- natyazhitel of tapes polypropylene
- the fastening devices for a strepping of tapes of a payment order, PET
- the cars combined a strepping the XL (Italy)
- semiautomatic devices for packing by the tapes TR-201, TR-202
- automatic car strepping / electric accumulator ZAPAK, Orgapack, Signode
- equipment for packing by tapes metal MUL-15, MUL-17, MUL-20
Thermopacking equipment:
- thermoshrinkable cars
- thermotunnels + preparatory tables
- heat chamber
- thermopacking lines.
Zapayshchiki of films/packages
- pulse manual zapayshchik
- zapayshchik of continuous heating (euroseam)
Packers of baggage.

Warehouse equipment:
- manual hydraulic carts
- hydraulic carts with weighing function
- pilers
- lifting tables.
Handheld transceivers:
- handheld transceivers are portable
- handheld transceivers are automobile
- handheld transceivers are sea
- handheld transceivers are aviation
- repeaters
- the scanning receivers
- walkie talkie handheld transceivers
- accessories to handheld transceivers.
Automobile electronics:
- autoluggage carriers
- antiradars
- systems of the parking
- car DVRs.
In more detail about the full range of production offered by us you can specify having contacted us.
To buy the packing equipment, to buy packing materials, warehouse equipment, handheld transceivers, automobile electronics you can having left us inquiry on the website.


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